Single and couple lessons

Salsa individual

Each lesson consits of 2 hours including one 5-10 minute break. Each class lasts 60 minutes.

Individual classes can be booked on the spot at any time.

Individual lessons / couple instruction:  per hour / per dancer: 18 Euro/20 US-Dollar  

Individual lessons / couple instruction just for one day:  per hour / per dancer: 20 Euro/US-Dollar  

Styling-class for women and men

In our Styling-class we work on the right body-movments, step-combinations and coordination. It is always a privat class with a teacher of the same sex.

Styling - class  per hour : 18 Euro/20 US-Dollar  

Salsa special

Combine your salsa-course in Havana or Santiago de Cuba with language lessons with our teachers Hebert or Maykel. The both speak very good English and have years of experience as a language teacher. The lesson will take place alone or with a maximum of 2 people.

10 hours salsa course an 10 hours spanisch lessons (always double hours)

per person 360 Euro/400 US-Dollar  

the courses can be individually extended on the spot.

baila habana special

Immerse yourself in Cuban life with salsa, drumming and Spanish lessons. During the lessons, you will learn the rhythm of Cuban music while drumming and so you will never loose the rhythm when dancing. Learning the language will enable you to communicate with the people of Cuba. The best way to experience Cuba!

10 hours salsa classes and 10 hours language lessons

5 hours drumming on typical Cuban instruments

per person 450 Euro/500 US-Dollar  



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Tel. (Cuba): +53 54487039

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