Maria and Andrea

Dear Ms.Müller, we want to let you how much we liked the time with Baila Habana. The organization was uncomliplicated. The rooftop was wonderful and the dance teachers are very professional, very kind and patient and also funny. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We wish you and Baila Habana a lot of success and we make definitely advertising for you.

Hanna (Germany)

With Yusel from Trinidad de Cuba you gave me a wonderful dance teacher. I danced a lot and I learned so much. I´m very grateful for the contact. 

Anja from Munich (40 years)

You were simply great.I had a lot of fun in the lessons and all the teachers are very competent. Thank you. You were great.

Petra (50 years)

Thank you very much for the good service. I liked it incredibly well. I love the joy of life, warmth and respectful treatment of the Cubans. Rosalba and her family are so nice and I felt comfortable there and lifted. Pasqual is an excellent and sympathetic dance teacher. The Spanish teacher is an interesting and well-educated lady. She has excellent knowledge of grammar and tells interesting stories about Cuba.

Roland from Switzerland (36 years)

Thank you for an unforgettable vacation! The straightforward and flexible support here and in Cuba has pleased me very well. Salsa lessons on the terrace of Casa and my Spanish lessons in the garage of an experienced, lovable Cuban enabled insight into Cuban life, which otherwise are not hard to come by. Baila Habana that also has a social aspect and fair wages are paid, the same can have a bit of feelings of "Viva la Revolución y libertad para siempre" resonating. All in all a round thing so. Muchas gracias y hasta la proxima! ;-)