About Baila Habana

Music and dance are an expression of the lifestyle in Cuba. Nowhere else you can experience salsa, son and rumba the way as here. Get a taste of this lifestyle and dance with the best dancers in Havana.

Professional dance teachers

With baila habana you can book online dance lessons with professional dance teachers. With us you can dance on terraces above the rooftops of Havana, or in one of the many beautiful saloons in historic houses.

With each lesson you have a Cuban dance partner. Besides dance figures and rhythm theory you are also working on style. The lessons are perfectly tailored to your level of experience and expectations.

All your Cuban dance partners have a professional training and years of experience as dance teachers.

All dance teachers and dance locations are personally checked by us.

Social Commitment

Baila habana is a social project, with the task of supporting the Cuban people to build an independent life.

Cubans can be self-employed since early 2011. However, they are lacking of resources and skills for their independence. Despite excellent training most dance teachers are working for tour operators or dance schools for a small salary and unfair conditions.

At baila habana the fee for the dancing lessons goes to 90 % to the dance teachers The Agency reserves only an administrative charge of 10%. 

We support the dancers also in their professional and personal development with language courses f.e.

Havana experience

The dance partners are only to for the hours in dancing lessons at your disposal. During your stay we recommend you interesting evening events where you can immerse in the Cuban nightlife. There are always enough dance partners with whom you can implement what you have learned before. For all group courses we offer additionally an evening event where your dance partner participates.

You will also receive tips for the most important sights in Havana and all necessary information for your very special Cuba holidays.